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CCTVNEWS | November 23, 2014

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People flee Shanghai subway as man appears to faint

People flee Shanghai subway as man appears to faint

A man seemingly fainted on a Shanghai #2 train causing nearby passengers to flee within seconds, or so surveillance video from the subway appears to show.

According to surveillance camera footage on August 9, a man with a foreign face suddenly began to lean to his right side, lay on the seat, and rolled to the ground. Passengers around him fled the scene as fast as they could.


Within ten seconds, the train car was empty while people in nearby cars apparently panicked and swarmed off the trains too.

One person shouted “emergency!”

The man appeared unconscious before suddenly getting up and walking out of the train.

The August 9th incident was one of two cases where mass panic engulfed the Shanghai Metro in recent weeks.

In another case, which took place on Line 8 in late July, passengers rushed out from a train after someone saw a woman’s cellphone smoking and said there was a fire or blast.

Operations staff from Shanghai Metro called for calm and good judgment to deal with such cases and to ask for help.

Video footage of the mysterious “fainting” man went viral online. Here are some comments from Weibo users:

“He is just sleeping soundly. Is it necessary to overreact? Aha, too funny!” @iGBoy

“Chain reaction… The girl beside him was scared and ran away. Others not aware of what’s happening chose to run too. They were frightened by some recent accidents.” @ciweigeandhuojintuibuduan

“This has nothing to do with nationals’ quality. People only became cold-hearted after they meet too many rascals (who pretend to be hurt and ask compensation from who first reaches out a helping hand). It’s normal that people are vigilant after so many lessons…” @zhegexiaoniuyoudianlan

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